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Did You Know?

Success rarely happens overnight, but

you still might be surprised at some of

the well-known people who have been

homeless. According to a CNN report,

some of the celebrities who

experienced homelessness before

making it big include Jim Carrey, whose

family lived in both a tent and a VW

bus; Drew Cary, who sold plasma for

$40.00 to scrape together money to buy

boxed macaroni and cheese; financial

guru Suzi Orman, who once lived out of

her van; and Dr. Phil, who lived in a car

with his father as a youngster while his

dad interned as a psychologist.

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Our Mission is to provide spiritual guidance and physical assistance including shelter, food and vocational training to people in need, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to help them recognize and deal with their problems in a life changing manner.
Make your life more meaningful as you share the true spirit of helping others. God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing to those in need. “A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9 People just like you & me, driven by circumstances, homelessness, in crisis, desperation, and abandoned, every age group, every reason. Bread of Life Mission, even when full, won’t turn them away. Nearly all are alone. We will welcome them with open arms,because that is what Jesus would do.
Your partnership rescues many people out of disastrous circumstances and restores dignity.             Help share the true meaning of giving and help the Mission change lives.   
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Kyle’s mother is Hopi and his father a Lakota Sioux.  Kyle was adopted as a baby. Kyle loved track and field, cross country, football, and Taekwondo, but was treated like an outcast at school. His sister took him to his first beer party in the 6 th  grade. At 16, his whole class went to Korea, where he even trained with monks. Kyle returned early to attend the Indian High School, but started getting into trouble, and using Meth. Sports and being in-shape has always meant a lot to Kyle. He said that w hen a girl beat him in track and field, he quit using Meth. It shocked him as to how far down he had let himself go. Once again he began moving up quickly in Taekwondo. At 20 years old, Kyle received another scholarship as an exchange student to attend the Black Belt Academy in Korea for (Kyeok too ki) kickboxing.  It was the time of his life. He also learned snowboarding, and received another Black Belt in kickboxing. When Kyle discovered that his high school sweetheart had become pregnant during his last visit, he came back to the states for his daughter’s birth. Things were going well. He obtained his certification for Community Fitness Leader and taught aerobics, and balance & strength training. Kyle started drinking again. He moved to Winslow and tried a sober living facility. When he returned to the reservation and the company of his brother, who always led him into trouble, he began using Meth again. He was in and out of recovery programs. His life has been a roller coaster. Kyle nearly finished culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, when he relapsed again. Later, he finally found a job at a restaurant called “Culinary Dropouts.” It was, according to the website;        A “cool, British-style gastro-pub chain with quirky decor, serving inventive cocktails & comfort food.” Kyle was working and attending school. He had an alcoholic seizure in a class, lost two apartments in a row,  and ended up at Phoenix Rescue Mission. He was first exposed to the gospel while there. The Lord started working in his heart to draw Kyle to Himself.  Kyle kept repeating the cycle. After one night of heavy drinking, he woke up with hatchet injuries on his face. He needed two plates in his head, and had a fractured back. A woman had done it. He was so drunk that he was totally at her mercy (or, no mercy). Kyle went to rehab and then returned to a different cooking school and was doing well, when he was extradited to Flagstaff on an old charge. Starting over again, he slept under bridges or out in the open. He gave up on the Lord and returned to the brother who always led him to trouble. But, the Lord didn’t give up on Kyle. He finally realized that running his own life wasn’t working out. He came to a point of decision and prayed. The Lord impressed upon him to come to Bread of Life Mission. Kyle says, “I’m scared that I might blow it again. Something has changed about me. Being at the mission is changing me.” Kyle sat in Cherise’s office at the mission sharing his story.  She asked him what he would say if he were standing in front of God, and He were to ask; why should I let you into my heaven?  Kyle didn’t have an answer. He allowed Cherise to explain the gospel fully to him.  He heard and understood.  He had been soaking up every word and illustration. The Lord was still drawing Kyle. Mission director, Cherise Merrick says, “I don’t know what the future holds for Kyle, but the Lord’s definitely got His hand on it. I can see where the Lord could use Kyle in a big way.”  Kyle is going to see his daughter for the first time in eight years. He is attending a local church, working, and going to the gym every day, instead of drinking.
You may win a half beef!
Bill, Lois and Ann Jeffers have graciously donated this beef to the Bread of Life Mission. W.R.Custom Cut of Joseph City is wonderful to donate the processing.
We are so grateful to them!
Drawing held on Nov. 1, 2016
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Last year Sheriff K.C. Clark got to pie Police Chief Mark Jackson
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