A Life Changing Ministry

Bread of Life offers a number of key services

and programs, each designed to help the

Mission's guests get to a better place in life.

Some frequently asked questions about the

mission include:

Who is eligible for services?

Anyone who is homeless, stranded, or in need

of a place to stay and whose income is below

the State's income requirement.

How Long can someone stay at the Shelter?

All guests who stay at the Shelter will be seen by a Case Manager who will determine with the guest the preferred

length of stay. Typically, guests stay approximately 1 - 4 weeks. Some guests have stayed longer based on their needs

and circumstances. If needed, guests enrolled in our Life Change Program may have an extended stay.

What is included in a stay at the Emergency Shelter?

Guests staying at the Shelter sleep in a comfortable bed, receive warm meals, a hot shower and

an opportunity to rest. Separate facilities exist for men, women, and women with children. The Shelter is open 24 hours per day,

except Sunday mornings from 8am - 12pm while staff and guests have the opportunity to attend church.

What other assistance is available?

The Mission's Case Manager makes referrals to other agencies when needed, and along with guests develop attainable, custom designed goals and plans to

accomplish the goals.

Bread of Life Mission of Holbrook 885 Hermosa Drive Holbrook, AZ 86025 Phone: (928) 524 3874 Cherise Myers - Executive Director
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