Did You Know?

Success rarely happens overnight, but

you still might be surprised at some of

the well-known people who have been

homeless. According to a CNN report,

some of the celebrities who

experienced homelessness before

making it big include Jim Carrey, whose

family lived in both a tent and a VW

bus; Drew Cary, who sold plasma for

$40.00 to scrape together money to buy

boxed macaroni and cheese; financial

guru Suzi Orman, who once lived out of

her van; and Dr. Phil, who lived in a car

with his father as a youngster while his

dad interned as a psychologist.

News and Upcoming Events
NEWS        NEWS        NEWS Bread of Life Mission of Holbrook 885 Hermosa Drive Holbrook, AZ 86025 Phone: (928) 524 3874 Cherise Merrick - Executive Director
Our First Video
Available on YouTube at:
Above are some of the ladies who have resided at the mission along with Cherise (on the far right)
Here are some of our greatful guests.
These five individuals have participated in our One Year Discipleship Program. They are committed to Christ, have extra studies and classes, a mentor, and jobs around the mission so they can serve and give back. They are wonderful people who have turned their lives around through the Lord Jesus’ work in their lives.
Because of the pandemic so many venues are closed. We could not find a building to host our event. Right now, no one is allowing for more than 50 people. The first Saturday in October is always our big event. We will miss seeing all of you, miss spotlighting volunteers, and testimonies of our guests who have changed lives, and so many of you who go way above and beyond for this mission. So, now what ? Would you consider helping us to raise money for a good working van? Normally, the money raised at the Banquet goes for a big project that is needed at the mission. Our old vans are used for everything. They are very worn out. We go to Flagstaff once per week to the food bank, transport guests for various appointments, go to the city dump, and pick up donations at times. Repairs are getting to be more and more. We really do need a vehicle that can take care of the demands we put on them
Keven came to the mission with blistered feet. He is healing and literally “getting back on his feet”.
Phillip is on one of our computers provided by the Westbrook Villiage Computer Club
This man was in a really bad motorcycle accident. He came to the mission to heal.
Marty gave his life to Christ and is taking college courses to be a computer tech.
Anthony is like having “Leave it to Beaver” around here. He’s such a sweet, hard working guy!
This man was robbed. He didn’t stay long, but we fed and cared for him.
The Holbrook Police recently donated 5 bikes so our guests could have transportation to jobs. An anonymous business owner donated 7 new pairs of work boots for our men!