Underwear and socks Hygiene items Flip Flops (shower shoes) Men’s work gloves Spiral notebooks Pens Twin fitted sheets Washcloths/Towels Pillow cases Sweat pants Adult clothing
Pickup truck
Even Bigger Dreams
Wish List Tools Wood and lumber for projects Laser copier/printer Prayer! Prayer! Prayer!
Bread of Life Mission of Holbrook 885 Hermosa Drive Holbrook, AZ 86025 Phone: (928) 524 3874 Cherise Merrick - Executive Director
Current Needs
Items can be dropped off at the Mission or call and we will pick them up.
Food, we always need food. 24,000 + meals is a lot of meals.
HELP …We need meat badly!
Greatest Needs
Meat Eggs Milk (esp. dry) Canned Goods Margarine Cheese Potatoes